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  • The ADR Committee

    - Designs, implements, and co-sponsors major education initiatives, presented both locally and nationally, with committee members serving as organizers and faculty

    - Sponsors a list serve for obtaining information and exchanging ideas.


Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee


MISSION:  To expand use of alternative methods for the resolution of conflict and support the development and enhancement of processes founded upon:

    • integrity
    • respect and empowerment of the participants
    • acceptance of responsibility
    • consideration of the impact of the resolution on the disputants and their community, and appreciation of diversity.

The committee accomplishes this mission through educating the public and legal profession regarding the availability and benefits of various methods of alternative dispute resolution.  The committee further supports community-wide training in alternative methods of dispute resolution throughout the State of New Mexico and expanded practical access to such methods.

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Mediation Association

Committee Chairs and Mission Statement


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ADR\Mediation Procedures Act 2007
ADR Committee Mission Statement
ADR Advisory Council Report April 2006
Mediation Procedures Act Proposal Bill as of January 3 2006
2005 Annual ADR Committee Report
2004 Annual ADR Committee Report
ADR Report 1998
(Commissioned by First Judicial District)
ADR Report 1993
(Commissioned by NM Supreme Court)
Metro Court Project Final Report 1993

Annual Reports