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Fair Judicial Elections Committee

The Fair Judicial Elections Committee purpose is to monitor campaign statements, advertising and equivalent conduct in elections for judicial office to ensure compliance with the standards of the Code of Judicial Conduct, to assist candidates in understanding and complying with the Code, and by so doing to promote better public understanding of the role and functions of the judicial branch of government.

Committee Roster

Complaints of violations may be filed by candidates, campaign committees, political parties and any other interested party. Complaints should be accompanied by copies of campaign advertisements or statements involved in the complaint.

To mail a complaint:
State Bar of New Mexico
Fair Judicial Elections Committee
PO Box 92860
Albuquerque, NM 87199

Email Complaint to:

Resolution and Amendment to Resolution Creating Fair Judicial Elections Committee

Statement of Purposes and Principles

Information for Candidates for Judicial Office

Judicial Elections Campaign Affirmation


Relevant Rules of Professional Conduct and Codes of Judicial Conduct

Committee Reports