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  • The Lawyers Professional Liability and Insurance Committee advises the State Bar regarding Risk Management activities.

    John M. Brant

    Committee Members

    Briggs F. Cheney
    David C. Kramer
    Daymon B. Ely
    Esteban A. Aguilar
    Gerald G. Dixon
    Jeannie Hunt
    Josh Allison
    Katherine R. Sutton
    Maureen A. Sanders
    Michael Lawrence Timm
    Randall D. Van Vleck
    Richard B. Spinello
    Seth L. Sparks
    Shawn Stephen Cummings
    William Gilchrist

    Staff Liaison
    Richard B. Spinello

    Office of General Counsel



Mission Statement
The work of the Lawyers Professional Liability and Insurance Committee includes:

  • Review of Mandatory Disclosure Rule 16-104(C)

  • Analyze insurance reporting data

  • Monitor action on insurance disclosure

  • Improve the dissemination of information regarding insurance related issues, especially for newly admitted lawyers

  • Conduct presentations on insurance related issues

  • Provide authors and speakers to section meetings, and other
    State Bar functions

Ethics Hotline (800) 326-8155
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