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  • The State Bar of New Mexico is dedicated to Professional Excellence and Service to the Public.


Mission Statement

The Mission of the State Bar of New Mexico is: 

To Be A United And Inclusive Organization Serving the
Legal Profession and The Public

GOAL I: Membership 

A. To provide and expand membership services.
B. To promote and increase participation of all members in the programs and activities of the State Bar. 

GOAL II: Professionalism 

To promote the integrity of the legal profession. 

GOAL III: Member Education 

To provide programs, benefits and services which promote and enhance the quality of skills and competency of the members. 

GOAL IV: Legal System 

A. To support the integrity, efficiency and access of the judicial system by encouraging improvement to the efficiency of the legal process, including the selection and service of highly competent judges.
B. To promote access to the judicial system by all people. 

GOAL V: Public Service

To serve the public by providing legal programs and services. 

GOAL VI: Public Legal Education 

To promote respect for the law and the legal system. 

GOAL VII: Internal Management 

To focus on building a strong Bar organization by maintaining sound fiscal management and accountability, continuing long-term strategic planning, increasing non-dues revenue, developing partnerships, and assessing the Bar's internal structure.