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  • The Paralegal Division was organized to serve the interests of paralegal professionals throughout the state.






Paralegal Division

Committees and Chairs

The Division Standing Rules provide for Standing Committees which are permanent, and for Special Committees which are established by the Board of Directors from time to time as the need arises.

Budget and Finance

This committee is chaired by the Treasurer and is responsible for providing analysis of financial information for the Division, making recommendations for funding projects and assisting in preparation of the annual budget.
Chair: Tina Kelbe, CP

Committee Member:  Carolyn L. Cochran

Bylaws and Rules

This committee receives, studies and initiates suggested amendments to the Bylaws and Standing Rules and works with standing and special committees to develop and/or change Division policies and procedures as necessary.
Chair:  Linda A. Murphy

Committee Members:  Nettie Condit

                               Kay L. Homan, CP

                               Ruby Silva                             

Continuing Legal Education

This committee is in charge of processing member CLE credits and the coordination of CLE programs.

CLE Coordination Subcommittee: Develops and presents programs, seminars and materials relating to continuing legal education for the legal profession.

CLE Coordination Sub-Committee Chair:  Evonne Sanchez

Area CLE Coordinators:

Albuquerque -  Cheryl Passalaqua
Roswell        -  Dora Paz
Santa Fe      - 
Donna Ormerod

Farmington   -  Shannon Krens

CLE Provider(s) Approvals
: Reviews CLE provider submissions for approval by Division.

CLE Provider(s) Approvals Chair: Tina L. Kelbe, CP

CLE Tracking Subcommittee
: Monitors members’ adherence to the minimum CLE requirements and reports CLE credits to the Membership Committee.

CLE Tracking Sub-Committee Chair: Patricia M. Marsh, CP

Committee Members:  Kay L. Homan, CP

                               Tina L. Kelbe, CP

                               Linda A. Murphy

                               Linda C. Stocky, CP         



This committee creates and provides relevant articles and information regarding paralegals and the Division for publication in the State Bar ENews.

Chair:  Deborah R. Tope, CP, RP

Events Coordination

This committee works with the CLE Coordination Subcommittee, as necessary, and shall be the liaison with the State Bar for the planning of events including, but not limited to, the Division Annual Meeting, State Bar Annual Meeting, CLE and/or other events in conjunction with the State Bar, the annual “Meet & Greet”, and the December holiday dinner.

Chair:  Barbara Lucero, CP

Committee Member:  Ashley Reid

Awards Subcommittee

Chair:  Ruby Silva

Independent Contractors

This committee is open to any Division member who is interested in providing paralegal services to licensed New Mexico attorneys as an independent contractor.  Analyzing and disseminating information about current business trends and mutual concerns of independent contractors is the focus of this committee.

Chair:  Christopher Pommier 


This committee promotes membership and growth within the Division, reviews and approves membership applications, reaches out to potential members, answering questions and providing information regarding the Division and the paralegal profession.

Co-Chairs:  Krista Gianes-Chavez                 

                 Eileen Casadevall

Committee Members:  Heather Corn

                                 Kay L. Homan, CP

                                 Linda S. Stocky, CP                

Mentorship Subcommittee: Reaches out to new members to provide a mentor to answer questions about the Division and participation in. 

Mentorship Subcommittee Chair:  Linda A. Murphy

Nominations and Elections

This committee is responsible for all duties in connection with: (1) the nomination and annual election of officers and directors; and (2) the preparation and submission of ballots to membership for approval of bylaws amendments.

Chair:  Ruby Silva

Pro Bono/Community Service

This committee works with the State Bar of New Mexico to offer opportunities through which Division members may volunteer their time to assist with established programs to provide paralegal services to the community and the disadvantaged in New Mexico.

Chair:  Linda A. Murphy

Committee Members:  Eileen Casadevall
                                Yolanda Hernandez

Professional Development

This committee studies, develops and implements various means to better inform and educate the legal community and general public about the use of paralegals in the legal profession.  This committee also collects and studies information regarding the education standards of paralegal education and training programs with regard to the certification or licensing of paralegals and works with local and national paralegal associations throughout the country.
Co-Chairs:  Krista Gianes-Chavez

                  Kathleen Blea



The Scholarship Committee supervises the award of scholarships to paralegal studies students at junior colleges, community colleges or universities in New Mexico based on the budgetary allocation by the Board of Directors of the Paralegal Division.

Chair:  Nettie Condit
Committee Members:  Christina Babcock

                                Yolanda Ortega
                                Christopher Pommier
                                Ruby Silva
                                Carolyn Winton, CP

Web Page

This committee designs and maintains the Division’s website at, monitors incoming emails to the Division, and sends notices to committees and members when needed.
Chair:  Deborah R. Tope, CP, RP

Committee Member: Barbara C. Lucero, CP


Women's Bar Association Representative

This member is appointed by the Chair and serves as the Paralegal Division's representative to the New Mexico Women's Bar Association.

Representative:  Kay L. Homan, CP


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