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Inactive Status

On November 17, 2000, the State Bar Board of Bar Commissioners ratified an amendment to the Bylaws of the Paralegal Division (formerly the Legal Assistants Division) to allow for inactive paralegal status.  Accordingly, the Paralegal Division has revised its Standing Rules to reflect the Bylaws amendment as follows:



a.  For the purpose of determining eligibility for “inactive” paralegal status, an applicant in good standing for this category must certify that he or she will be retired or that he or she will no longer be employed as a paralegal in New Mexico.

b.  “Active” paralegals who wish to apply for “inactive” status must apply during the membership renewal period. 

c.  The “inactive” paralegal fee, as established by the Board of Directors, shall be on an annual basis and, when paid, shall entitle the inactive paralegal to receive all Division publications; fee shall not be pro-rated nor refundable.

d.  “Inactive” paralegal status expires on the last day of the calendar year, and renewal of this status shall require filing the Inactive Paralegal Status Renewal form and paying the annual fee, both as established by the Board.

(1)  Any inactive paralegal who has not filed a renewal form and paid the annual fee prior to February 1 of each year shall be considered ineligible for continued “inactive paralegal” status.  Any fee paid after February 1 is subject to a late charge as established by the Board.

(2)  Any inactive paralegal who has not filed a renewal form and paid the annual fee within ninety (90) days after the expiration of inactive legal paralegal status will be deleted from the Division’s rolls.  There is no provision for reinstatement.

e.  The following procedure shall be followed in processing of Inactive Paralegal Status Applications:

(1) The Membership Committee shall review all original and renewal applications for inactive paralegal status, clarify or verify information contained in the application and approve or recommend denial of inactive status for the applicant.

(2)  If approved, the Membership Committee shall inform the applicant of the approval of the inactive status and forward payment of the fee to the Division Treasurer.

f.  Members who wish to change status to “active” paralegal shall:

(1)  Apply at the time of annual membership renewal;

(2) Include payment for annual dues in the amount established by the Board of Directors;

(3)  Verify that the paralegal is currently employed under the supervision of a licensed New Mexico attorney;

(4)  Fulfill any membership and CLE requirements for active paralegal members as stated in Bylaws and MCLE
Guidelines in effect at time of reinstatement to active paralegal status.

As an inactive paralegal, you may:

1.  Receive all other Division mailings, except for elections materials;
2.  Attend any Division-sponsored CLE for the same price as a Paralegal Division member;
3.  Attend the annual Paralegal Division Anniversary Luncheon, Holiday Reception and other events sponsored by the Division;
4.  Volunteer for Paralegal Division projects and activities. 
5.  Request reinstatement as an active Paralegal Division member.

If you are:

  • a member who is still on the rolls of the Division but will be disenrolled for nonrenewal for the upcoming calendar year because you are no longer employed as a paralegal
  • and you wish to remain on the rolls of the Division as an inactive paralegal, please submit the attached Application to the Membership Committee of the Paralegal Division, along with the fee of $25 made payable to the Paralegal Division before February 28th of the upcoming year, to avoid a late fee and/or disenrollment.

You may only apply for inactive status during the renewal period for the upcoming year which begins in November.  Applications will not be accepted throughout the year. 

Inactive Status Renewal | Inactive Status Application








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