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    Final Election Results


Senior Lawyers Division

2013 Election Notice

2013 Senior Lawyers Division Election


The Senior Lawyers Division is governed by a board of directors whose 18 at-large members are elected by the membership of the division. The terms are three years, with one-third of the members elected each year. The bylaws require the division chair to appoint a nominating committee of at least three members of the division and to provide notice of the election so that any division member may indicate to the committee his or her interest in serving on the board of directors.

All members of the State Bar of New Mexico in good standing who are 55 years of age or older and who have practiced law for 25 years or more are members of the Senior Lawyers Division and eligible for office.  Any division member who wishes to be considered for nomination to the division board of directors should contact a member of the nominating committee before Sept. 30.


The report of the nominating committee will be published in the Bar Bulletin.  After publication, additional nominations may be made in the form of a petition signed by at least 10 members of the division.  The petition must identify the position sought and state that the individual nominated has agreed to the nomination.  The deadline for submission of nominating petitions to the State Bar office is Oct. 31. If additional nominations are made, a notice of the contested election will be published and a link to the e-ballot will be sent to all division members by Nov. 6. If no additional nominatinos are made, the nominees identified by the nominating committee are elected by acclamation.


Nominating Committee Members:

Terrence Revo, Chair

(505) 293-8888



Sept. 20    Deadline to form nominating committee

Sept. 30    Nominating Committee report due

Oct. 3       Publish Nominating Committee report; eBlast to SLD membership

Oct. 31     Deadline for petitions with 10 signatures to be received in SBNM office

Nov. 6      If contested, link to eBallot will be sent to SLD membership

Nov. 22    End of voting

Dec. 2      Results published online and eBlasted to SLD membership



Position # 1
Term: 2014-2016
Currently held by William J. Arland

Position #2
Term: 2014-2016
Currently held by Daniel J. Behles

Position #3
Term: 2014-2016
Currently held by John P. Burton

Position #4
Term: 2014-2016
Currently held by Virginia L. Ferrara

Position #5
Term: 2014-2016
Currently held by David L. Mathews

Position #6
Term: 2014-2016
Currently held by Robert S. Simon



Dennis Manzanares was nominated to Robert Simon's position. All other candidates were nominated by the SLD Nominating Committee to their current positions.  There was no contest for these positions, so they are elected by acclamation and will begin serving in 2014.






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