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  • Union documents and information on deunification are provided.


Historical Archive

This site contains information on union activity and deunification.

Union Documents

6. NLRB Decision Re Jurisdiction of California State Bar, 1979
The following decision is posted to clarify a statement made by President Mary Torres in a letter to the membership published in the August 1, 2002, Bar Bulletin. Since publishing the letter, which stated that the State Bar was unaware of any other state bar associations that had a union, Torres brought up the issue at the 2002 National Conference of Bar Presidents and learned that in 1979, California State Bar employees attempted to unionize. The State Bar of California objected, citing that since they were an arm of the Supreme Court, they were akin to a state agency; and therefore, pursuant to the NLRA, the NLRB did not have jurisdiction. The regional director for the NLRB agreed, and the petition filed by the State Bar of California employees was dismissed. The 1979 NLRB decision regarding NLRB jurisdiction of the California State Bar is posted below. (This decision was forwarded to and received by the State Bar on August 20, 2002.)

Related documents are provided in the order of events.

Petition Regarding Deunification

A petition was was filed in September 2003, with the New Mexico Supreme Court for a rule change to make the state bar a voluntary organization. After their October 24, 2003, meeting, the Board of Bar Commissioners filed a response to the petition. The documents below were presented to the New Mexico Supreme Court regarding this matter.