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Foreclosure Law Seminar Encourages Attorneys to Take Pro Bono Cases


Albuquerque, N.M.— The first in a series of programs designed to inspire attorneys to help with the foreclosure crisis in New Mexico will be held March 10 at the State Bar Center. ABCs of Foreclosure Law will explain the process, alternatives to foreclosure such as loan modifications, and foreclosure defenses and counter claims. Angelica Anaya Allen, director of the Fair Lending Center, United South Broadway Corporation ( and Brian A. Thomas, Esq., from the Law Offices of Brian A. Thomas, PC, will provide the instruction.


This seminar is sponsored by the Foreclosure Initiative, a group of like-minded people who have come together to address the problem. Current participants are United South Broadway Corporation (USB), a non-profit organization operating statewide; the State Bar of New Mexico (SBNM); the Attorney General’s Office; Law Access New Mexico’s 2nd Judicial Volunteer Attorney Pool (VAP), and a few volunteer attorneys. Here is how this effort works: people facing foreclosure can call USB for an initial screening to determine whether the borrower qualifies, by income, for free services.  If they do, USB will provide credit counseling, attempt to work out a resolution with the lender and, if that fails, provide a staff attorney to assist.  If borrowers do not qualify for services or if USB is unable to take more cases, they are referred to either SBNM or VAP which will then try to find a volunteer attorney to help. 


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