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Limits of Expert Testimony and Evidence Questioned at State Bar Seminar

Albuquerque, N.M.— Fair use of quality expert testimony is a great concern to the legal profession. In 2009, the National Academies of Science issued a report pointing out that forensic science now significantly touches “criminal investigation and prosecution, civil litigation, legal reform, the investigation of insurance claims, national disaster planning and preparedness, homeland security, and the advancement of technology.” That same report pointed out that little has been done by the legal side of science in courts to look at the limits and measures of performance of various scientific disciplines and areas of expertise.

Skeptically Determining the Limits of Expert Testimony and Evidence: An Investigation of Scope, Expertise and Process will be held on March 26 at the State Bar Center. This legal education seminar will use some of the nation’s leading authorities on the background, limits, and biases of scientific and expert testimony to present a multidisciplinary approach to expert testimony on scientific and technical matters. Singular skeptics of expert and scientific testimony will talk about how attorneys, as both proponents and opponents of expert testimony should view the prospect of using such evidence in their cases. They will also show that taking limitations into account when using experts at trial can promote better case preparation, fact-finding and the higher ends of the legal system to do justice.

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