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State Bar Turns Attention to Animal Law

Albuquerque, N.M.—While the issues raised in stories such as the Michael Vick dog fighting scandal or issues behind pictures of abused animals featured in current (and controversial) ASPCA television commercials might be unfamiliar to the majority of the public, they are well known to the growing number of lawyers who battle within the legal system on behalf of animals.

Animal law issues, often compared to the environmental law movement 30 years ago, encompass a broad spectrum of approaches—from philosophical explorations of the rights of animals to pragmatic discussions about the rights of those who use animals, who has standing to sue when an animal is harmed in a way that violates the law, and what constitutes legal cruelty. Animal law permeates and affects most traditional areas of the law, including tort, contract, criminal and constitutional law.

As part of its ongoing continuing legal education program, the State Bar of New Mexico is giving its attention to the emerging and rapidly growing field of animal law.

Adam Karp and Yolanda Eisenstein will be the featured speakers at the 2011 Animal Law CLE Sept. 16 at the State Bar Center in Albuquerque.

Topics will include landlord/tenant and therapy animals, electric utilities and duty of care to animals, dog shootings and the police, legal ethics considerations of scientific research, and estate and emergency planning.

The State Bar is in the process of adding an animal law practice section to its current roster of 19 practice groups that focus on particular areas of law or types of practices. These organizations provide networking and educational opportunities to members through continuing legal education programs, newsletters, websites, email and legislative advocacy.

Visit to register and to view the full schedule.

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