State Bar 127th Birthday

Anniversary Award

This award recognizes those individuals, programs, or organizations that have performed in an exemplary manner during the past year to advance the spirit and ideas that the current State Bar president has identified as his or her particular emphasis for the year. The emphasis for 2013 is reflected in the theme of the 2013 Annual Meeting, which is “Bench and Bar: Improving the Quality of Justice Together.”  With that theme in mind, it’s fitting that the State Bar Anniversary Award be given to a group that works every day to improve the quality of justice in New Mexico. In the case of this year’s recipient, justice has worked not only to improve the quality of the lives of individuals, but also of all citizens in our state.  The recipient of the 2013 Anniversary Award is the New Mexico Drug Court Programs.


Drug courts work with repeat offenders whose criminal activity is driven by underlying substance abuse or mental illness. The purpose of the program is to offer non-traditional and individualized treatment for chemical dependency as an alternative to criminal prosecution. These programs focus on the successful rehabilitation of participants through early, continuous, and intense judicial oversight, treatment, mandatory drug testing, and use of appropriate sanctions, incentives, and other community-based rehabilitation services. In New Mexico, we have four types of drug courts: Adult, Juvenile, Family Dependency, DWI, and Mental Health courts, all of which come under the term, “Problem-Solving Courts.”


Based on Fiscal Year 2012, our New Mexico programs demonstrated excellent performance when compared with national averages.

  • The average New Mexico Drug Court recidivism rate was 7.8% during three-years post-graduation. The three-year incarceration rate of the New Mexico Corrections Department was 44.6% The average New Mexico Drug Court cost-per-client-per-day was $19.40.

  • The average New Mexico daily cost of incarceration was $113.03, and the average daily cost of detention was $65.21

  • The average New Mexico Drug Court graduation rate was 65.4%. The national average for drug court graduation rate in 2008 was 57%.

In a message delivered during National Drug Court Month this past May, President Barack Obama praised the nation’s drugs courts as a critical part of our strategies to provide alternatives to incarceration for drug-addicted offenders. President Obama praised drugs courts for breaking the cycle of drug abuse and crime, and annually transforming the lives of thousands of citizens in need of treatment.


25 and 50 Years of Service

We honor those among us who have reached milestones in their legal careers—those attorneys and judges with 25 and 50 years of service to the profession and to the citizens of New Mexico.

The State Bar is proud of the tremendous dedication and service that our membership has given to the legal profession and the public. We hope you will join us for this important celebration.

For more information contact Tony Horvat,, or 505-797-6033.