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Professor Marsha Baum was welcomed back to the University of Tasmania Law Faculty in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia in January 2013.  For the second time, she taught “Concepts of Property,” a course looking at the underpinnings of common law property to a large class of upper division law students from Australia, Singapore, and Indonesia. The course includes a unit that asks the question "Why are non-human animals property?" Following her course, Professor Baum was the invited keynote speaker at the first Tasmanian Animal Law Conference held on January 19-20 in Hobart.  Her address, entitled “Teaching and Living Animal Law,” discussed the impact of AETA in an academic setting and considered the importance of dialogue in the often polarizing issues related to animal welfare and animal rights.  The conference included a range of topics, including the role of animal law in law schools and the animal welfare revisions under consideration in Tasmania.   


Wild Friends Program


Wild Friends is a school-based informal education program at the University of New Mexico School of Law. Every year, participating students choose a wildlife-related topic by ballot, learn about it and draft a memorial or a bill based on their research.


MISSION: To provide a statewide voluntary, informal education program that integrates civics and wildlife law education and incorporates state education content standards to help students in grades 4-12 understand the democratic process, develop good citizenship skills, and contribute to wildlife conservation by involving them in public policy projects of their own choosing.


OBJECTIVES: Wild Friends participants will:
- experience how law and government work and learn how to make their concerns  known to elected officials;

- learn about wildlife, habitat and related issues;
- meet people with different points of view and discuss common ground perspectives;
- express their views publicly (orally, in writing and through performing arts);
- interact with mentors and explore career choices related to land and wildlife;
- understand that by participating in the democratic process, they can make a real

ACTIVITIES: Since 1991, over 10,000 students around the state of New Mexico have participated in a host of Wild Friends activities, such as wildlife education and live animal presentations; the annual Wildlife Summit; on-site zoo programs; field experiences and camping trips; visits to and programs at the university law school and state legislature; letter writing; rudimentary legislative drafting; testifying before legislative committees and public hearings; interviewing elected officials and members of the media; interviewing persons involved in wildlife issues; hosting press conferences; student choreographed dance presentations; educational puppetry; playwriting; graphic arts; public library outreach; and Wild Friends internships.

FACEBOOK:             Wild Friends New Mexico
CONTACT:               Sue George, Director, 505-277-5089;



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