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Animal Law Section

The general purpose of the Animal Law Section shall be the promotion of the objectives of the State Bar of New Mexico within the field of Animal Law. To that end, the purposes of this Section shall be:

A. To provide a forum for members of the profession to consider and discuss the legal issues that concern the treatment of all animals, the protections afforded to animals, and the rights and responsibilities of persons who have an interest in animals as well as the legal issues involved in human beings’ relationship and coexistence with animals;

B. To recognize the interrelationship among various components of Animal Law, including torts, contracts, criminal, administrative, regulatory, municipal, trusts and estates, property and constitutional, and how they are used to create a just world for all;

C. To provide an organizational recognition of the importance of Animal Law to the State and its legal profession.

Monthly ‘Animal Talk’ Series
Each month, the Animal Law Section gives a presentation on an animal law topic of interest to the legal community. Attendees are welcome to bring a lunch and join the section at the State Bar Center in Albuquerque for these intriguing presentations. Drinks and dessert will be provided. For details on the next talk, email Evann Kleinschmidt,



Feeding Wildlife Could Bite You in the Wallet
Albuquerque Journal Article, Dec. 25, 2013, by Thomas Cole


Wildlife Law

New Mexico Lawyer, Nov. 2014, Vol. 8, #4


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