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  • The Children's Law Section sponsors an art contest.

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Children's Law Section Annual Art Contest

Seventh Annual Children’s Art and Writing Contest -
"My Tools, My Future"

Supported by generous contributions from the legal community, the Annual Art and Writing Contest, sponsored each year by the Children’s Law Section, provides teens who are involved in the juvenile justice system with a positive opportunity to express their struggles, look toward the future, and celebrate artistic effort.

This year, the medium was a canvas bag. The young artists were asked to illustrate their bags with symbols of their goals and the available tools for reaching them. Local artists selected this year’s winners based on use of materials, expression of theme, originality, and artistic expression. Prizes were awarded for first, second, and third as well as honorable mentions. Special category awards were donated by the Soroptimist Club and the Public Defenders Office.

Section Chair Beth Collard Prepares Exhibit

Children's Law Section chair Beth Collard

Works Tirelessly to Prepare Art Contest Exhibits

(See more photos below.)

A reception announcing the winners and featuring a display of the entries was held Oct. 28 at Scalo's in Albuquerque. Children’s Court judges, juvenile justice counselors, parents, attorneys, committee members, and members of law enforcement were there to support the contest and the artists. Presiding Judge Monica Zamora noted the number of entries.

“Since this is a voluntary activity,” Judge Zamora said, “it’s encouraging that 109 kids participated statewide. It is a fabulous exercise for kids to be able to express themselves.”

Judge Bill Parnall, who is also on the board of the Children’s Law Section, chose this year’s theme.

“These kids are in crisis and need something to get them through it. People whom they love and respect, together with all these other 'tools,' help them get to where they need to be," Judge Parnall said.  "The artwork they produce symbolizes in some way the process they have to go through. Our job is to figure out a way to fill their “tool bag” before they get into trouble. We at the Children’s Court try to pool our resources to accomplish that goal.”

Judge John Romero noted that those who volunteer their time and those who contribute always say they get more out of the contest than they put in.
“I appreciate the art contest and those who make it possible,” Judge Romero said. “Art expression is often a safe way of reminding both the kids and us of what is going on in their lives. Their art always confirms for me that these are good kids who made bad choices.”

According to a counselor from the Juvenile Justice Center, the exercise is fun for the kids. Some learn for the first time that they have artistic talent. The responses to their work often prove to be the kind of positive experience many don’t often get to enjoy.

Terissa, a young artist from Farmington who won in the honorable mention category, was glad she participated.

“It helped me to think about what was important to me and the things that are there to support and help me.”


Grand prize: $100 visa gift card
Second place: $75 visa gift card
Third place: $50 Visa gift card
Honorable Mentions: $10 McDonald's Gift card
Anonymous Donor: $25 Walmart gift card
Public Defender Prize: $25 gift card to Chili's
Soroptimist Award: $15 Target Card and gift bag

Children's Law Section Board Members at 2009 Art Contest:

From left to right top: Kenneth Fladager, Diana Hanes, Judge Parnall, Katie Terry.

Bottom: Beth Collard, Alison Pauk, Deborah Gray and Mia Chavez.

2009 Children's Law Section Board of Directors

2009 Winners

1st Place - 2009 Art Contest
1st Place – Roman, Doña Ana

"My bag symbolizes paying attention in class, pens for writing an essay, doing homework, adequate grades, making things ten times better and staying in school and not quitting," Romain said..

2nd Prize - 2009 Children's Law Section Art Contest

2nd Place and Public Defender Special Category Prize – Justin, San Juan

My bag represents the good times often being overshadowed by the bad times and things like music that helped me bounce back. And my thoughts during the bad times like revolution or chaos. This bag really has no tools, just me expressing myself.

3rd Place - 2009 Children's Law Section Art Contest

3rd Place Kristan, Bernalillo

My bag shows: self confidence—I can make the decisions I want; school—get a better job; money—get anything I want; God—help me out with everything.

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention 1
Honorable Mention 1

Honorable Mention 2
Honorable Mention 2

Honorable Mention 3
Honorable Mention 3

Honorable Mention 4
Honorable Mention 4

Honorable Mention 5
Honorable Mention 5

Honorable Mention 6
Honorable Mention 6

Honorable Mention 7
Honorable Mention 7

Honorable Mention 8
Honorable Mention 8


Honorable Mention 9
Honorable Mention 9


Special Categories

Soroptomist's Award - Best Expression of Goals
Soroptomist's Award -

Best Expression of Goals

Soroptomist's Award - Best Use of Materials
Soroptomist's Award -

Best Use of Materials

Soroptomist's Award - Most Positive
Soroptomist's Award -

Most Positive

Justice Petra Jimenez Maes Announces Winners

Justice Petra Jimenez Maes

Announcing Award Winners

Judge Parnall and Children's Law Section chair Beth Collard

Judge Parnall and Elizabeth Collard


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