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Programs, Services and Resources for Older Adults


Social Security Benefits


From Senior Citizens Law Office:
Just the Facts about Medicare
o Spanish - Solo los Hechos Sobre Medicare
Rights of Medicare Beneficiaries
o Spanish - Derechos de los Beneficiarios de Medicare
Get Help with Medicare Costs
o Spanish - Reciba Ayuda con los Costos de Medicare
Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) Coverage
o Spanish - Cobertura para Beneficiarios Calificados de Medicare (QMB)
Home Health Care Under Medicare
o Spanish - Cuidado de salud domiciliario bajo Medicare
Aging in Place – At Home
o Spanish - La Vejez en el Hogar


Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB)/Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary (SLMB)

Institutional Medicaid

Medicaid Eligibility manual

Medicaid Waiver Programs

State Benefits

New Mexico Human Services Department Income Support Division - financial assistance that can help with everything from energy bills to food to general assistance for qualified people.

Veterans Benefits

Government Programs and Financial Assistance

  • Assistance with finding government benefits programs to which a senior may be entitled.
  • An official government website that offers assistance with finding government benefits programs, BenefitsCheckUp asks a series of questions to help identify benefits that could save you money and cover the costs of everyday expenses.

Long Term Care Facilities

Nursing Homes

From Senior Citizens Law Office:

Tips for Choosing a Nursing Home
• Spanish - Consejos para Eligir una Casa de Reposo
Medicaid Coverage of Nursing Home Care
• Spanish - Cobertura Medicaid para una Casa de Reposo
Nursing Home Transfer and Discharge

Assisted Living, Board and Care and Continuing Care Communities

Other Health Care Programs

Skilled Care

Iinformation on skilled care benefits covered by Medicare

Prescription Assistance

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association patient assistance program – includes info on low cost or no cost prescription medications for patients who can’t afford to buy them.
  • NeedyMeds is a 501(c)(3) non-profit information resource devoted to helping people in need find assistance programs to help them afford their medications and costs related to health care.
  • The Medicine Program is a patient advocacy organization helping individuals and families all across America get access to up to 2,500 prescription medications available today for free or nearly free of charge through Patient Assistance Programs.
  • Offers discounts on prescription drugs for all New Mexicans.


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