Family Law Section

The general purpose of the Section shall be the promotion of the objectives of the State Bar of New Mexico within the particular fields designated by the name of this Section. To that end, it shall be the purposes of this Section:

A. To formally recognize the importance of Domestic Relations law and its complex, sensitive and rapidly changing status;

B. To be the forum within the Bar through which the study of Domestic Relations law is encouraged and fostered to the end that the practice of Domestic Relations law is improved;

C. To serve as the legal community's focus and liaison with other related, interested and active agencies and communities concerned about domestic relations matters; and

D. To seek better ways in which to assure that children's interests, during and after dissolution of marriage, are protected.

You may be enrolled as a member of the Family Law Section any time during the year; however, your membership will expire in December of that same year.  Dues for membership in this Section are $20 per calendar year.  Click here to pay section dues.


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