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  • Newsletter - Winter 2014
    Oil and Water: Lessons for New Mexico from the Colorado Floods -
    Nicholas R. Goldstein
    The Duty to Hydraulic Fracture Under the Implied Covenant for Reasonable Development - Matthew Landess
    Moongate Water Co. v. City of Las Cruces: A Novel Application of Stranded Assets Theory - Sabrina Rodriguez Salvato
  • Newsletter - Summer 2013
    2013 Legislative Update - Tomas J. Garcia
    Understanding New Mexico's Copper Rules -
    Jeffrey J. Wechsler and Lara Katz
    Regulating Hydraulic Fracturing: New Mexico and National Trends -
    Laura Melton-Thornton
  • Newsletter - Winter 2013
    Gridlock Preempted? How Climate Change Could End State Control Over Electric Transmission Siting - Ed Merta
    Permitting Renewable Energy on Federal Lands: The SunZia Southwest Transmission Project - Rachel Giron
    Recent Destructive Wildfires in Northern New Mexico Spark Proposed Listing of the Jemez Mountains Salamander Under the Endangered Species Act - Collin Gannon
    The Public Trust Doctrine and Climate Change in New Mexico -
    Samantha Ruscavage-Barz
    Rafting and CLE: A Wild and Wonderful Combination - Jennifer Pruett
  • Newsletter - Summer 2012
    Compulsory Pooling Horizontal Well Project Areas: An Analysis of the New OCC Rules and Why the Legislature Needs to Act - Nick Trost
    When Size Matters: Properties Listed on the State Register-
    Frank T. Davis, Jr.
    Chevron Questa Mine: Superfund National Priority Listing Rouses Remediation and Revival in Northern New Mexico - Kelly J. Davis
  • Newsletter - Winter 2012
    Muddying the Waters: The Fight Over Relinquishment Credit -
    Luke Pierpont
    Rising Tide: Will the Challenges to Stream Access Laws that are Spreading Across the West Spill Over into the New Mexico Waters? -
    Jason Kerkmans
    Has the Sun Set on the Solar Industry in the United States? -
    Sean FitzPatrick
    The Indian Water Rights Settlements E-Repository - A Tool for the Future - Dominique M. Work
    The Wallow Fire Field Trip
  • Newsletter - Summer 2011
    Would You Rather Have Warm Homes or Clean Water?The Implications of Hydraulic Fracturing in New Mexico - Monica Moya
    Renewing Uranium Mining in New Mexico: Morris v. Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Ana Romero Jurisson
    Protecting New Mexico Waters Through ONRW Designation -
    Samantha Ruscavage-Barz
    Lea County Aqufers: From Prospecting for Fresh Aquifer Water When Compounding Production Fluids to the Prospect of Recycling Existing Production Fluids - D.W. Vitt
    New Legislation Aims High, Falls Short of Resident Hunter's Expectations-
    Aaron Martin
  • Newsletter - Winter 2011
    New Mexico Adopts a Regional Cap and Trade Program - Joshua Granata
    Aquí No Hay Ni Agua: Lack of Access to Environmental Justice in New Mexico Colonias - Bridgette Mullins
    Small Hydropower in New Mexico - John Verheul
  • Newsletter - Summer 2010
    Re-re-engineering Our Rivers: New Mexico's Biggest Efforts to
    Save its Smallest Fish - Keri Hatley
    More Water or Our Last Wild River? The 2004 Arizona Water Settlements Act and New Mexico's Big Decision - J. Ryland Hutchins
    Colorado Supreme Court Decision Illuminates the Disjunction Between
    New Mexico's Produced Water Exemption and the Beneficial Use
    Doctrine As Applied to Coal Bed Methane - Aaron Weede Martin
    Update from the New Mexico Environment Department - Felicia Orth
    Spur Ranch CLE Trip a Great Success - Jennifer Pruett
  • Newsletter - Summer 2009
    NREEL's 2009 Legislative Update: Legislators Consider Regulatory
    Roll -Backs - Kristin Casper
    Renewable Energy Development and Wildlife: Mitigating the Impacts of
    Wind Energy on the Lesser Prairie-Chicken in New Mexico - Sally Paez
    Taos Regional Water Plan: Taoseños Tell the State Engineer what
    'Public Welfare' Means to Them - Keri Hatley
    Dairies in New Mexico: The Environmental Implications of a
    New Industry - Professor Denise D. Fort
  • Newsletter - Winter 2009
    Domestic Wells: Growing by Leaps and Bounds? - Keri Hatley
    Local Responses to Environmental Issues: The Taos Community
    and Questa Mine - Nick Gilbert
    Science and Diplomacy: The Bellagio Draft Treaty and the
    Transboundary Aquifer Assessment Act - Patrick Schaefer
  • Newsletter - Summer 2008
    Instream Flow Protection in New Mexico -
    a 2008 Update - Patrick Redmond
    Unadjudicated Reserved Water Rights: Tensions Between Montana
    and the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes - Christina Kracher
    New Mexico's Climate Future: Addressing Legal Issues in Carbon Sequestration - Adam Rankin
  • Newsletter - Spring 2007
    Environmental Justice Efforts at the State Level -
    Samantha M. Ruscavage-Barz
    A Rocky Road to Progress? Gravel Mining in a Growing New Mexico
    and the Velarde Gravel Cases - William Consuegra
    United States Supreme Court Invalidates EPA's Inaction On Greenhouse
    Gas Emissions: Massachussetts v. EPA - Charles de Saillan
    Natural Resource Damage Liability of the U.S. Department of Energy -
    Karen L. Reed
    Fourth Annual Water Policy CLE Focus on the Utton Center Model
    Interstate Water Compact - Marilyn O'Leary
  • Newsletter - Winter 2006
    EPA's Authority and Willingness to Regulate Auto Emissions Affecting
    Climate Change: Some Insights from Massachussetts v. EPA -
    Samantha M. Ruscavage-Barz
    The Effect of Global Warming on Native Peoples and How They Are
    Responding - Abby Wear
    Law School Update - Amanda Wang
    Section CLE News - Marilyn O'Leary
  • Newsletter - Spring 2006
    The Promise of Recycled Water and the Return Flow Woes -
    Joshua Mann
    Well, "At the Well" Is Not the Answer - J.E. (Gene) Gallegos
    The Clean Air Mercury Rule, Coal-burning Power Plants and New Mexico's
    Water: What's the Connection? - Jennifer Hower
    Three Card Monte or Bad Law - Alex Beattie
    Countervailing Equities: The New Mexico Legislature's Search for Harmony at The Nexus of Water and Mineral Law - Mark S. Barron
  • Newsletter - December 2005
    Negotiating "Pipeline" Dreams - Alex Beattie
    Breaking Ground in New Mexico: The Role of the Accommodation Doctrine in Determining a Mineral Owner's Obilgation to Compensate Landowners for Damage to the Surface - Mark S. Barron
    Blowing in the Wind: How Many Generations Must Pass Before Indians Receive Proper Royalties on Their Oil and Gas? - Josh Mann
  • Newsletter - June 2005
    The Sleeping Giant on the San Juan - Joshua Mann
    The Pending New Mexico Supreme Court Decision in Herrington v. State ex rel. Office of State Engineer: Will it Affect the Future of New Mexico Water Management Policy? - Gabriel Wade
    An Overview of Government Incentives Aimed at Increasing Geothermal Electric Development in the United States - Carlos Ruiz de la Torre
  • Newsletter - Fall 2002
    Congress Amends the Superfund Law and Enacts Brownfields
    Legislation: The Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields
    Revitalization Act - William Brancard
    Legislature Enacts House Bills 417, 421 to Address Water Issues in the Pecos River Basin - Daniel Rubin
    The Ethics 2000 Process: Revisions to the ABA Model Rules Approved by the ABA House of Delegates - Irma S. Russell
  • Newsletter - Spring 2001
    New Mexico's Enabling Act - Steve Hughes
  • Newsletter - Winter 2000
    The Electric Utility Industry Restructuring Act of 1999: Early Steps
    Toward Implementation - Patrick T. Ortiz
    Consumptive Use: Statutorily Undefined But an OSE Standard -
    Jeffrey H. Albright
  • Newsletter - Summer 2000
    Retroactively Applied Reclamation Law is Constitutional, But Does Not
    Apply To Company's Uranium Mines, According to New Mexico Court -
    Stuart R. Butzier
    Joint Development of Potash and Oil and Gas Reserves; The Tenth Circuit Defers to the IBLA Rather Than to BLM - Stuart R. Butzier
    Fifth Circuit Rejects International Environmental Claims Brough Against Mining Company Operating In Indonesia - Stuart R. Butzier



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