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Section Elections

2013 Section Election Begins


Each State Bar section is managed by an elected board of drectors.  The section bylaws require an annual election, which involves a nominating committee and an opportunity for additional nominations by petition.

Any section member who wishes to be considered for nomination to his or her section board of directors, or who wishes to recommend a section member for nomination, should contact a member of the section’s nominating committee before October 11, 2013.

Candidates must be members in good standing of the State Bar and a member of the section.  There is no restriction on consecutive terms or on the number of terms a board member may serve, with the exception of the chair.

Each section nominating committee is expected to publish its nominations.  After publication, additional nominations may be made in the form of a petition signed by at least 10 attorneys who have been members of the section for 30 days or more.  The petition must identify the position and term sought and state that the member has agreed to the nomination.

Election Timeline:

Sept. 26                    
Deadline to form nominating committee

Oct. 11                 
Last day for section members to contact nominating committee

Oct. 15                  
Deadline for nominating committee reports

Oct. 31                
Last day to seek office via petition

Nov. 8              
Send section members link to e-ballot for any contested election

Nov. 22            
Ballots deadline

Dec. 16               
Publish final election results


View the positions subject to election and the chairs of the nominating committees:

Nominating Committees Chairs/Available Board Positions

Nominating Committee Reports
Nominating Petition (PDF File)
2014 Section Boards

Links will be become live to correspond with election timeline.