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2012 Annual Meeting - Highlights




Chief Justice Petra Jimenez Maes Matt Homann Max Minzner
Chief Justice Petra Jimenez Maes enourages attendees to participate in Access to Justice to assist the Court in protecting the rights of those who are our most vulnerable. Matt Homann shares pricing strategies, marketing techniques, ideas from other industries and professions and customer service principles.
Civil Update: Max Minzner covers jurisdiction, arbitration agreements, the divergence of state and federal law, and numerous civil topics.
Frederic Ury and Thomas Lyons Speakers Ury and Lyons Sarah Buel
Keynote Speakers Frederic S. Ury (left) and Thomas W. Lyons. In their presentation on The Future of the Legal Profession it was emphasized that unbundled legal services will become the wave of the future and that it would be to an attorney's advantage to develop a niche practice.
Children and Family Issues in Court: "What you do as lawyers and judges makes a huge difference in furthering the legislative intent of victim safety, offender accountability and crime prevention," said Sarah Buel.


Barbara Bergman
Criminal Update: Barbara Bergman discusses cases of interest on both the federal and state levels.


Past Presidents


AM 2012 Past Presidents
Past Presidents: Front: Richard L. Kraft (98-99), Virginia R. Dugan (2006), Jessica A. Perez (2011), Mary T. Torres (2002), Dennis E. Jontz (2007).  Middle: Hans Voss (current), Daniel J. O'Brien (2004), Richard F. Rowley II (85-86), Arturo L. Jaramillo (93-94), Robert N. Hilgendorf (84-85), Alan C. Torgerson (92-93). Back: John F. McCarthy, Jr. (81-82), John R. Cooney (80-81), and William K. Stratvert (79-80).


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