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2010 Annual Meeting - Highlights

2010 State Bar Annual Meeting                                                                                       
July 15–17
Inn of the Mountain Gods
Mescalero, New Mexico


Steve Shanor Speaking at 2010 Annual Meeting
Charles P. Rose
State Bar President Stephen S. Shanor presided over the meeting at the Inn of the Mountain Gods. "Congress thought that shame would change our system, " said Charles P. Rose, general counsel for the U.S. Department of Education.
Stuart A. Forsyth
David Gross

Keynote Speaker Stuart A. Forsyth urged attorneys to set

goals that "Stretch you, empower you, and change you."

"The great recession and its impact on the practice of law - what can we learn from it?" Renowned attorney David Gross admitted he didn't see it coming.


Sean CarterSean Carter #2Sean Carter #3

Legal Humorist Sean Carter used comedy to deliver serious messages about professionalism. "Respect and protect the image of the legal profession," said Carter. "Respect the process and the robe, even if you disagree with a decision. And keep ads classy, not like a Chicago billboard that says 'Life is short; get a divorce.' " Turning to legal fees, Carter asked, "How many of you can afford yourselves?"

 Gathering of Past Presidents at 2010 State Bar Annual Meeting

Annual gathering of State Bar Past Presidents

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