New Mexico Women's Bar Association


Vision - Success and fulfillment for every woman in the legal profession.

Mission - To provide resources to empower women in the legal profession.


The New Mexico Women’s Bar Association seeks to accomplish the following:

  • Promote women to the highest level of achievement in their field.
  • Develop a network and support system for women in the profession.
  • Identify barriers to women in the legal profession and provide education on how to overcome those barriers.


We Are Accepting Applications to  New Mexico Women’s Bar Association’s
Board of Directors

Elections for two year terms, beginning January 2015, for the Women’s Bar Association will be held in late November.  The Board invites interested members of the association to apply with a short letter of interest and a resume.  Please send the letter and resume to the secretary, Barbara Koenig,
at  by Tuesday, November 18, 2014.

Board members are expected to attend bi-monthly meetings, in person or by phone, to actively participate on one or more committees and to support the events sponsored by the Women’s Bar Association.  The New Mexico Women’s Bar does not discriminate on the basis of sex or gender and encourages all licensed attorneys to become members and apply to be on the Board.  For more information about the Women’s Bar Association or to become a member, see this link.

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The NMWBA encourages women to seek and accept appointment to bar/state/judicial panels, boards and commissions; advocates for the selection of qualified women attorney candidates for judicial positions at all levels; provides women attorneys the opportunity to develop friendships and networks to address questions and problems of concern in their practice; serves as a strong voice on behalf of all women.

Contact Us: (505) 750-2363