New Mexico Women's Bar Association

Henrietta Hume Pettijohn Buck

Henrietta Hume Pettijohn Buck was born in Columbia, Missouri, the oldest of five children born to James Robert Hume and Sally Booth. Ms. Pettijohn attended the University of Missouri and later established herself as a popular writer, publishing three novels. Governor L. Bradford Prince (1889-1893) once stated that Mrs. H. H. Pettijohn was "well known as a literary woman who has written a number of very acceptable works."

On April 15, 1982, Ms. Pettijohn became the first woman to be admitted to the Bar of the Supreme Court in the Territory of New Mexico. Ms. Pettijohn would also serve as an officer of the Bar Association.

Ms. Pettijohn's daughter, Carrick Hume Buck, carried on her mother's legacy and became the youngest woman admitted to practice in California, the first woman Assistant United States District attorney in Hawaii, the first woman deputy city and county attorney in Honolulu, the first woman judge in the Territory of Hawaii, and the first woman to sit on the Hawaii Supreme Court.

The Henrietta Pettijohn Award

The Henrietta Pettijohn award was established by the board of the New Mexico Women's Bar Association (NMWBA) one year after the NMWBA was established in 1991. The board felt that it was necessary each year to honor an attorney, female or male, who had, over the previous year, done an exemplary job of advancing the causes of women in the legal profession. Past recipients of the Henrietta Pettijohn Award include:

  • Margaret Moses Branch - 1992
  • Marcia J. Wilson - 1993
  • C. Emery "Buck" Cuddy - 1994
  • Justice Pamela B. Minzner - 1995
  • Betty Read - 1996
  • Justice Mary C. Walters - 1997
  • Hon. Carol Conner - 1998
  • Elizabeth Whitefield - 1999
  • Anne Kass - 2002
  • Nancy Hollander - 2003
  • Justice Petra Jimenez Maes - 2004
  • Diane Denish - 2005