New Mexico Women's Bar Association

First Female Attorneys

The Official Program of "A Celebration of New Mexico's First Women Lawyers" is available as a PDF.

The Women's Bar Association celebrated its Women's Bar Gala honoring the first 100 (or so) female attorneys in New Mexico. It took until the early 1970s to reach this landmark. While it may not seem extraordinary to today's young women attorneys, becoming a lawyer took sheer guts and unbending fortitude for those pioneering women.

Graduation from law school and passing the Bar exam was no guarantee of finding a job as a lawyer, either, instead of as a legal secretary or paralegal. Think about it. Imagine yourself today, graduating from law school, obtaining your license to practice, and then being told in job interviews that clients would never accept being represented by a woman or that it didn't make economic sense for the firm to hire a woman when everybody knew she would quit when she got married and started having babies. This stuff really happened, in this state, and not very many decades ago.

The Women's Bar Association wants to honor these women who literally paved the road and opened the doors for all of us who practice law today

A Celebration of New Mexico's First Women Lawyers (PDF File)