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Mentorship Program ~ Call for Mentors

The University of New Mexico Women’s Law Caucus and New Mexico Women’s Bar Association are seeking applications for mentors for their inaugural Mentorship Program beginning January, 2015.  The WLC/WBA Mentorship Program (“The Program”) is a result of combined efforts between the WLC and WBA to provide current law students at UNM with the opportunity to be partnered with experienced lawyers to expose them to the daily rigors of the practice of law.  The Program is a true shadowing opportunity, based on a rotating schedule.  Students will be required to rotate between several assigned mentors within a prescribed period of time in order to provide them with several opportunities to develop relationships with several potential mentors while also exposing them to varying legal environments. 

The Program differs from other mentorship programs in that it is based substantially on allowing students the opportunity to observe practitioners in the field while also allowing students to develop important connections with several lawyers in our legal community.  The Program promotes professionalism and nurtures the mentee at the time important careers decisions are being made by introducing the mentee to a diverse cross-section of practitioners and providing insight into the realities of the legal profession. 

The criteria for the program are as follows:
 1)   Mentors must have been in practice in New Mexico for at least three years;
 2)  Mentors must carry legal malpractice insurance;
 3)  Mentors are required to meet with their mentees two to three times during a rotational period, which will last between two to three months.  Meetings should be held in the practitioners’ place of work, giving  the mentee the opportunity to observe daily activities and ask questions as necessary.  If possible, one meeting should occur during either a deposition or court proceeding.  The mentor is expected to make any and all arrangements to allow the mentee to observe and benefit from observing the proceeding;
 4)  Both mentors and mentees must provide a status report during the relationship to The Program to ensure participation is taking place;
 5)  After the mentorship period is completed, each mentee will be required to complete a short survey and write a summary of their experience with the assistance of their assigned mentor; and
 6)  Mentors will be provided with a standard confidentiality agreement which student/mentees will be expected to sign before placement commences.
We are excited to kick off this program and begin our Mentorship Program in 2015!  CLE credit may be available.  Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to mentor future lawyers.  We encourage anyone able to satisfy the above-mentioned criteria to contact either myself, or Program Coordinators Donna Baslee ( or Lindsay Griffel ( for additional information.  Or, complete the following mentor application forms linked below: