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  • Video Conferencing is a new service to members.

    Reduce travel time and expenses.

    Increase participation.

    Share presentations and important documents.

    Record important meetings or depositions.


Video Conferencing





Tony Horvat
(505) 797-6033

Video Conferencing is a convenient way to conduct meetings. Unlike teleconferencing, video conferencing allows meeting participants to be viewed on a television screen in addition to viewing other participants at one meeting site or all the meeting sites listed below. Audio is included in the conference and there are no additional fees. The conference is transmitted in high definition and picture clarity is superb. Video conferencing reduces travel time and helps minimize mileage expenses. Video conferencing also gives meeting participants the ability to view documents, or connect to additional media and record meetings as needed.

The State Bar office in Albuquerque serves as the central video conference hub and remote site locations include Farmington, Las Cruces and Roswell. A site location in Santa Fe is now being coordinated. Participants can travel to a convenient site location or can opt to join via laptop or desktop computer. Individuals participating with a laptop or desktop will see the conference at a lower resolution. A small investment in a web cam is encouraged. A recommended choice is the LogicTech QuickPro 9000 model. A total of 24 computers can participate in a video conference with interaction by participants or 48 with viewing privileges only.

Video conferencing is available to State Bar Committees, Sections and Divisions at no charge. Attorney members and law firms will be charged a fee of $35 per hour per location for the use of equipment. A one-hour minimum is charged and billing will be in one-half hour increments. Court committees and court agencies will not be charged for use of video conference services. Room rates still apply and after hour fees may also be applicable.


Site Locations:

Please call the Albuquerque office to schedule conferences with our host providers in Farmington, Las Cruces and Roswell.

  • Farmington - Titus and Murphy
  • Las Cruces - Sandenaw Law Firm
  • Las Vegas - NM Legal Aid
  • Roswell - Hinkle Law Firm

Participating in a Conference?
Individuals who wish to join a conference via laptop or workstation need to install a conference client on their computer. Click here to download the conference client.

Installing the Client - When installing the client conferencing software, participants should choose run as an option whenever possible. 

Joining a Conference?
If you have already installed the client, click here to join a conference.
You will need to enter the Meeting ID and the pin code to join a conference via a laptop or workstation.

Mac Users
Individuals using mac operating systems must use Boot Camp (already installed on mac) and must purchase Windows 7 or XP in order to participate in video conferences using a laptop or workstation. Click here for Boot Camp Installation.

System Recommendations

  • Logitech Webcam Pro 9000
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher preferred.
  • Windows 7, XP

Reported Problems
Problems have been reported with the download of the conference client using Vista. Save the install program to your desktop. Before selecting Run, right click to select "Install as Administrator". Disable any security software on your system before running the install.

Problems have been reported with Firefox. Individuals are asked to use Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher in the interim.