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Bridge the Gap Mentorship Program


WHAT do I do first?

  1. Complete the New Lawyer Application form. Send it in.
  2. Complete the Deferment/Exemption form if it applies to you. Send it in.
  3. Read all parts of the Helpful Information section.
  4. Read them again.
  5. Attend the Bridge the Gap Orientation Program at the Bar or view it online.
  6. Pay the program fee of $150 at the beginning and end of the program or complete the Fee Deferment form or see if you qualify for a scholarship. Send any completed forms in.
  7. Look at the Pre-Approved Mentor List or the Program Administrator will select a mentor for you.
  8. If there is a lawyer you want to work with who is not on the pre-approved list, get a Mentor Application to that lawyer. You complete the Mentor/Mentee Matching Form and send it in.
  9. If there is a lawyer you already know you would like to work with who is on the pre-approved list, complete the Mentor/Mentee Matching Form and send it in.
  10. If inside, or circle mentoring applies to you, fill out the appropriate forms. Send them in.
  11. Print out the Mentoring Plan Agreement; bring it to the first meeting with your mentor. Look through the Bridge the Gap Mentoring Plan, select what you and your mentor would like to work on. All the materials for the course are under Individual Plan Resources on line or on the flash drive you and your mentor received. Complete the Mentoring Plan Agreement form. Send the Mentoring Plan Agreement in.
  12. Work with your mentor for the next 12 months, 7 of those meeting need to be face to face.
  13. If you have problems, issues or concerns, call BTG Program Administrator, Marilyn Kelley at 505-797-6048.
  14. When you are finished working with your mentor after 12 months, print out the Certificate of Completion, give it to your mentor to fill out and send in. Pay your final $150 payment.
  15. Thank your mentor.
  16. You will receive 12 MCLE credits for the year in which you complete the program.
  17. Be a professional, competent attorney to the best of your ability and have a balanced life. May the force be with you.