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Bridge the Gap Mentorship Program


Required Action

On or Before

New Lawyer Application (Deferment/Exemption/Fee Payment) Form

Within 30 days from swearing-in ceremony

Mentor Application (for new mentors or for individuals nominated by a new lawyer but not yet approved as a mentor)

A mentor may apply any time throughout the year. If he/she wishes to mentor a particular new lawyer, application must be received within 30 days of the new lawyer’s swearing-in ceremony.

Select or be assigned a mentor

Any time after spring admittance but not later than 60 days after the swearing-in ceremony

New lawyers complete pre-program survey

Anytime after filing application and before initiating mentorship sessions.

Individual Mentorship Curriculum Plan and
Mentorship Agreement

Any time after pairing of new lawyer and mentor but no later than August 1 (for new lawyer admitted in the spring) and December 31 (for new lawyer admitted in the fall) of that year

New lawyer's first payment of $150 (half of Administrative Program Fee)

March 1 of the year the program is completed

Mentorship term begins

Upon approval of the Individual Mentorship Curriculum Plan

Mentorship term ends

12 months from the beginning of the mentorship term but no later than December 31 of that year

Certificate of Satisfactory Completion

Mentor to submit any time after completion of the program but no later than January 15 of the next year

Second payment of $150 (half of Administrative Program Fee)

December 31 of the year the program is completed

Final Evaluation of program by new lawyer and mentor

Same as piece for certificate of satisfactor completion.