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  • Attorney Support Groups:

    5:30 pm, 1st Monday of every month, and 7:30 am every 3rd Monday at: First United Methodist Church in Albuquerque Call 797-6003 for details

    5:30 p.m., 2nd Monday of every month at: UNM School of Law, 1117 Stanford NE, Room 1119

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New Mexico Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program


You don’t have to manage alone.  Help and Support are only a phone call away.
Confidential Assistance-- 24 Hours Every Day
Judges: Call 888-502-1289
Lawyers & law students: Call 505-228-1948 or 800-860-4914


Jill Anne Yeagley, MSW, LISW, LADAC

Lawyers & Judges Assistance Committee Co-chairs:

The Honorable William F. Lang
David J. Stout, Esq.

Lawyers & Judges Assistance Committee Members:

George Adelo Henry A. Kelly
Kevin Brown Arthur B. Lofton
Lester C. Cannain David L. Mathews
Briggs F. Cheney Dennis P. Murphy
Randall W. Childress Hilary A. Noskin
Richard Cravens Thomas T. Rutherford
Timothy J. Cusack David C. Serna
Hon. Mary Dougherty Daniel W. Shapiro
Dominic E. Dutton William E. Snead
P. Scott Eaton Richard B. Spinello
Sean James Fitting Daniel P. Ulibarri
Ben Stearman Furth William J. Waggoner
Terence M. Gurley Kathleen M. Wilson
Thomas J. Horan Diego Zamora
David Houliston Mary Katherine Brito Zinn
David Joseph Jaramillo