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Educational Programs

Constitution Day 2013

Constitution Day is designated by Public Law 108-447 Sec. 111 Division J - SEC. 111(b) which states that all levels of educational institutions receiving federal funds are required to educate students on our U.S. Constitution.


Information on 2013 plans will be posted soon.

See 2011 Constitution Day Highlights.

Classroom Law Project ...

is a partnership program of the New Mexico State Bar Foundation and the Center for Civic Values.  We need volunteer attorneys for the partnership program.  Volunteer lawyers are partnered with classroom teachers to meet the following goals:

  • to promote students' recognition of the impact of the law in their daily lives;
  • to increase students' awareness of their rights and responsibilities as citizens; and,
  • to expand students' knowledge and appreciation of the legal system of the United States.

Lawyers collaborate with teachers to make presentations at the grade level and school they have chosen to volunteer. For more information, call (505) 797-6028.

Junior Judges

Junior Judges is a program is designed to teach grade school students about potential consequences of bad behavior and making decisions in difficult peer situations.

Know the Law
Before the Law Knows You

Know the Law Before the Law Knows You is an exciting program that informs New Mexico high school students, who are about to make adult decisions, about their new responsibilities and liabilities.

Law Day

Law Day is a national day set aside to celebrate the rule of law. Law Day underscores how law and the legal process have contributed to the freedoms that all Americans share.