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This Legal Community Cares

Giving back changes lives.

Your New Mexico State Bar Foundation, with support from the New Mexico Supreme Court, is starting an initiative where the New Mexico legal community reaches out to help its members. The initiative, called TLC Cares (This Legal Community Cares), is modeled after a program that has been highly successful in nine other states.  When members of the New Mexico legal community or their family members need help, requests will go out to all volunteers on the TLC Cares email list. The volunteers will then determine if they, or anyone in their network, can help fill the request.

For example, if one of your family members needs blood or requires medical transport to a cancer hospital in another state, the request will go out to the entire volunteer email list, with the requestor’s name kept anonymous.  If someone can assist, we will link him or her to the person making the request. 

We ask that there be no requests for money, prayer chains, any form of substantive legal advice or referrals of a non-critical nature (looking for a job, handyman, etc.)  Typical requests are assistance with medical travel, donations of blood, referrals to medical specialists, shelter in case of fire or natural disaster, information on medical issues, etc.

TCL Cares is open to all members of the extended New Mexico legal community and their families, including court personnel and law firm employees.

If you would like to be a TLC Cares volunteer, please send your email address to  You can help in two other ways as well:  circulate this email to office and court personnel, so they can sign up to volunteer too.  Secondly, be the eyes and ears of TLC Cares.  If you know of a member of the legal community who needs help, suggest that a request be sent our way so we can circulate it to our members.