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  • The State Bar of New Mexico has various resources available to its members. A listing of those resources is provided. Click on individual links for a complete description of resources available.

    Member Benefit Programs


Member Services

Member Benefits

A variety of products and services are offered to State Bar members.

Client Assistance Program
This program designed to inform and educate the public on the client-attorney relationship. Information is provided on issues such as communication, fees, confidentiality, termination, and returning files. Once callers reviews the information they are directed to the Fee Arbitration Program, Client Protection, the referral program or the Disciplinary Board.

Interprofessional Relationships
This program offers guidelines to help facilitate cooperation between professional groups. 

Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program
This program offers confidential peer assistance to State Bar members in need of help because of substance abuse, mental illness or emotional distress.

Legal Research

Pro Hac Vice
Information is provided to attorneys who are authorized to practice law before the highest court of record in any state, territory or country  and who wish to appear before a New Mexico court in a civil matter.

Risk Management
This prgram promotes effective and ethical approaches and procedures in the practice of law to safeguard your practice and protect the public.

Summer Law Clerk Program
This program promotes equal employment opportunities for persons who have historically been under-represented in the legal profession and in New Mexico's large law firms.