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Bridge the Gap Mentorship Program


Dear Mentors and New Lawyers:

Bridge the Gap is a new program and all of us want to be certain it is meeting the needs of the participants and other Bar members. In addition, the State Bar of New Mexico will be writing an annual report to the Supreme Court about the program. In order to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the program, we are asking you to complete a few easy surveys.

The new lawyers have two surveys to complete, and the mentors have one. New lawyers will complete a pre-survey (PNL), which they should take before they begin working with a mentor. Both mentors and new lawyers will take a final survey (MF and NLF, respectively) at the completion of the program.

You can help us to improve and polish the program by completing the surveys, because you will be the most experienced users of Bridge the Gap.

Thank you.

Evaluation Surveys

New Lawyer


Mid-point Survey Cancelled