How to Identify and Respond to issues of Cognitive Impairment

This DVD presentation by two Albuquerque experts – Dr. Rex Swanda (Board Certified Clinical Neuropsychologist) and Dr. Don Fisher (Toxicology and Employment Medicine specialist), is designed to help legal professionals and others:
  • distinguish between cognitive impairment and normal aging,
  • identify medical issues that can cause cognitive impairment,
  • recognize the major symptoms of cognitive impairments,
  • identify resources for information and professional assistance, and
  • learn appropriate strategies for approaching a colleague who might be impaired.

Disabilities involving the brain affect individuals of all ages and walks of life, including the legal profession. The causes are variable and some brain disorders are treatable, but the first step is always to identify and obtain an accurate diagnosis. Even when the disease is considered incurable, an earlier diagnosis can help preserve the individual’s dignity and provide the opportunity for the individual to participate in preparation and planning.

Signs and Symptoms of Cognitive Decline: A Checklist and Summary


Self-Administered Gerocognitive Exam (SAGE)

This brief test is designed to detect early signs of cognitive, memory, or thinking impairment. Once completed, take the answer sheet to your physician to score and discuss the results with you.

How to Identify & Respond to Issues of Cognitive Impairment (2013)