Disruptions Occuring in Law Practice Driven by Technology and Clients

The first three articles relate to the disruptions occurring in law practice being driven by technology and clients. The articles are by Jordan Furlong and the fourth link is to his biography.

Perspective of Legal Education in the 21st Century

The slide presentation is a perspective of legal education in the 21st century.

Robot Invasion

The five-part article is on "robot invasion" (essentially intelligent agents) on jobs. Click on the icons at the top of the article for each separate part.


Prediction of Legal Futures

The next two articles are predictions by Richard Susskind and a debate between Susskind and Swedish lawyers in a conference.

Susskind's website is at: http://www.susskind.com/


And a bonus link for fun. View the video linked below. Think of this technology applied to transportation.


All of these are interesting because they provide different perspectives on the impact of technology, which continues to increase exponentially. Something to think about is the following:

  • The current price performance ratio of computing technology today compared to what was available in 1971 (year of the first integrated circuit) is about 134,000,000 times.
  • Moore's law predicting that price performance doubles about every 18 months still holds true. So, the ratios for the next few years are likely to be.

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