Professional Liability (a/k/a ‘legal malpractice or errors and omissions coverage) is a unique form of insurance. It is normally a “stand alone policy”, although some carriers are writing professional liability coverage as part of a general commercial liability policy. For example, State Farm insures businesses for general liability claims, but it currently does not write professional liability coverage in New Mexico.

The companies listed below have written professional liability coverage for New Mexico lawyers either directly or through brokers.

This list and the sequence in which this list is drawn is NOT an endorsement by the LPL Committee or the New Mexico State Bar of any of these companies. Nor is it an assurance that the companies are currently writing insurance in New Mexico or will provide coverage to a specific lawyer-applicant. (Lawyers who reside outside New Mexico but are also active members of the New Mexico Bar may have reported carriers who write in the state in which they reside but do not write coverage in New Mexico). The list is in descending order based on the number of New Mexico lawyers reporting the name of their insurance carrier last year in Section 2 (Mandatory Disclosure of Professional Liability Insurance) of the annual Licensing Form.

  • Attorneys Liability Protection Society
  • CNA-Health Agencies of the West
  • Greenwich Insurance Comapny
  • Hartford Insurance
  • Lloyds Insurance Company
  • MedMarc Casualty Insurance Co/ProMarc
  • Navigators Insurance Comapny
  • National Legal Aid and Defender Association
  • Professional Liability Consultants
  • St. Pauls Fire & Marine
  • State National Insurance
  • The Bar Plan
  • Zurich American Insurance

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