Attorney Memorial Scholarship

To honor and in memory of passed New Mexico attorneys, the Senior Lawyers Division has established an Attorney Memorial Scholarship for third-year UNM School of Law students. Recipients are selected based on their academic performance, career plan and essay submission. The 2017 ceremony will be held from 5:30-7:30 p.m., November 14, at the State Bar Center in Albuquerque. Members to be honored during the 2017 ceremony are:

 Ms. Kirsten J. Anderson
 Mr. William Nolan Ashford
 Mr. Ernest Howard Barnett
 Ms. Alice M. Bozone
 Mr. Richard N. Carpenter
 Ms. Sheila D’Ambrosio
 Mr. Harold Daum
 Mr. Peter P. Decker
 Ms. Deborah B. DePalo
 Senator Pete V. Domenici Sr.
 Mr. Charles T. Dunlap
 Mr. Christian E. Eaby
 Ms. Leslie Endean-Singh
 Mr. Anthony J. Ferrara
 Mr. Joe R. Fulcher
 Mr. Charles N. Glass
 Mr. Fred C. Hannahs
 Mr. Warren O. Harris
 Mr. Shane A. Henderson
 Ms. Clare Clement Koogler
 Mr. Ralph P. Kress
 Mr. Jack L. Love
 Mr. Paul J. Matteucci
 Mr. Jeffrey Raymond McCombs
 Mr. George J. Nett
 Mr. Robert R. Nordhaus
 Ms. Flori J. Nunez
 Mr. Stephen Peterson
 Mr. William C. Salmon
 Mr. Daniel A. Sisk
 Mr. Farrell Matthew Smith
 Mr. Paul M. Splett
 Mr. Bruce H. Strotz
 Mr. Stephen Tucker Swaim
 Mr. John Reed Thompson
 Mr. Richard C. Wade
 Mr. Barbara Lynn Welz
 Mr. David N. Whitham
 Mr. Richard M. Zamora
 Mr. Stanley P. Zuris

Contact Breanna Henley at to notify the SLD of a member’s passing and to provide current contact information for surviving family members and colleagues.

Read about the 2016 Attorney Memorial Scholarship Reception in the Oct. 19 (Vol. 55, No. 42) Bar Bulletin.
Read about the 2015 Attorney Memorial Scholarship Reception in the Jan. 6 (Vol. 55, No.1) Bar Bulletin.

For more information contact:
State Bar Member Services or 505-797-6039