State Bar of New Mexico
Executive Director
Richard B. Spinello, Esq.  Executive Director 505-797-6090
Accounting Department 
David Powell  Director of Finance   505-797-6036
Angela Sanchez  Staff Accountant  505-797-6026
Christopher Lopez   AV/IT Project Coordinator 505-797-6018
Communications and Member Services
Evann Laird
Director of Communications and Member Services 505-797-6087
Julie Sandoval  Graphics Design Manager 505-797-6031 
Marcia Ulibarri  Advertising and Sales Manager  505-797-6058 
Cassandra Scott Communications Coordinator  505-797-6040
Morgan Pettit Member Services Coordinator 505-797-6035
Digital Print Center
Brian Sanchez  Digital Print Center Manager  505-797-6062
Entrepreneurs in Community Lawyering

Governance and Administration  
Kris Becker Director of Governance and Administration  505-797-6038 
Cecilia Webb  Front Desk/Facilities Coordinator   505-797-6055 
Tony Horvat Project Coordinator 505-797-6085
Michael Rizzo Facilities Coordinator 505-797-6062  
Elizabeth Aikin Administrative Assistant 505-797-6049
Regulatory Programs (IOLTA, Licensing, MCLE, Pro Hac Vice)
 Kate Kennedy
 Regulatory Programs Director  505-797-6059
 Pam Zimmer  Database and Licensing Manager  505-797-6092
 Debbie Hern  Regulatory Programs Coordinator  505-797-6053
 Mary Kay Cline  Regulatory Programs Administrative Assistant  505-797-6054
 Alyxandria Callison-Leshem  Regulatory Programs Coordinator  505-797-6088
New Mexico Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program 
Pam Moore NM JLAP Program Director  505-797-6003 
Tenessa Eakins NM JLAP Clinical Coordinator 505-797-6093
Office of General Counsel 
Stormy K. Ralstin, Esq.  General Counsel   505-797-6050 
Vannessa Sanchez Paralegal/HR Manager 505-797-6060
New Mexico State Bar Foundation
Center for Legal Education  
Christine Morganti  Assistant Executive Director, NM State Bar Foundation   505-797-6028 
Lucia Garcia CLE Project Coordinator 505-797-6061
Erica Candelaria CLE Project Coordinator   505-797-6061
Legal Services 
Maria Tanner
Legal Services Program Director 505-797-6047
J. Gayolyn Johnson, Esq. Chief LREP Staff Attorney 505-797-6005
Anita A. Letter, Esq. LREP Staff Attorney 505-797-6005
Natalie Meyers, Esq LREP Staff Attorney 505-797-6005
Rich Weiner, Esq. LREP Staff Attorney 505-797-6005
Dan Macy LREP Intake Coordinator  505-797-6005
Suzie Sena GRP Intake Coordinator 505-797-6066