How to Develop Successful CLE Programs - A CLE Liaison Reference Guide

Center for Legal Education

Who we are and what we do:

The Center for Legal Education is a non-profit course provider and part of the New Mexico State Bar Foundation. The State Bar Foundation is also the public service arm of the State Bar. We partner with our member sections, divisions and committees and produce stand- alone programs. 

No State Bar licensing fees support CLE. In addition, all net revenues help fulfill the foundation’s mission of providing public service and access to justice by financially supporting the programs in the foundation. 


Why partner with the Center for Legal Education for your CLE?

When you partner with the Center your receive the following benefits:
  • A designated point of contact to help coordinate program details
  • CLE registrations received and processed by CLE staff
  • Registration web link created for individual programs and posted on the State Bar website for easy access
  • Advertising through eblasts, eNews, Bar Bulletin, social media, and news released when appropriate
  • All logistics handled by CLE staff for the program including gathering and printing materials, uploading presentations to the CLE laptop, morning and afternoon refreshments and lunch, a/v equipment provided for CLE speakers, videotaping/webcasting of the CLE program, MCLE credit filings and space reserved at the State Bar Center which are included in the cost of the CLE
  • Evaluations of programs are shared with the liaison or committee to determine lessons learned from the program, i.e. the content presented, individual faculty presentations, what was liked about the program overall, what needs to change, etc.
There is no charge to sections for these services. Program revenues offset the cost and support the Bar Foundation. Section members receive as much as $30 discount on registration fees for CLE programs that are co-sponsored by their respective sessions.

CLE Staff Contacts:

Christine Morganti
Assistant Executive Director

Erica Candelaria
CLE Program Coordinator
(505) 797-6061

CLE Program Coordinator

You are now the CLE Liaison. Great! Where do you begin?

Our role at the Center for Legal Education is to make the logistical aspects of course planning as smooth as possible. If you ever have any questions or concerns at any point of your planning, do not hesitate to contact your CLE Program Coordinator. We will work with you from start to finish. Below is an overview of the steps that we will work on together to ensure the success of your program. These of course will not happen all at once and will take coordination and communication on both of our ends.

  1. Contact the Center for Legal Education when planning begins. This should be done at least 6 months prior to date of course.
  2. Determine topics and presenters for the program.
  3. Notify CLE staff of any paid speakers.
  4. Draft the agenda and send to CLE.
  5. Continue working with presenters regarding session content.
  6. Contact CLE with any updates or changes to the agenda prior to staff opening registration.
  7. Advise CLE staff of any other program or speaker needs not listed.
  8. Relax, CLE staff will take it from here.

 Details to Achieve Successful CLE Programs

Planning Your Topics and Speakers


How to Create a Successful Agenda


Remaining Items and Day of Expectations


Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the CLE revenue used for? CLE revenue is used to cover costs for the program itself, space, meals, materials, speaker fees, videotaping/webcasting of the program and equipment. Net revenues support the public service programs of the State Bar Foundation.
  • Can we provide lunch during the class instructional time? Unfortunately MCLE rules prohibit eating during a CLE program.  We do provide light refreshments in the morning prior to the start of the CLE program as well as lunch and an afternoon snack.  All meals provided are outside of instruction time to comply with MCLE rules. Lunch is only provided for full day courses.
  • Where will the program be held? CLE programs are normally held in the State Bar auditorium or classrooms depending on the number of registrants.  
  • Is there anything else the board or CLE Liaison need to do prior to the program? No. Once the agenda is final and submitted to your CLE Coordinator, CLE will take care of the rest. 
  • We are getting close to our program and it doesn’t have many registrants yet – what can we do? Oftentimes members will register the week of the program or the day of the program.  If you feel the registration numbers are extremely low, staff can send additional eblasts in the form of personal invitations from the chair to the membership to encourage registration for the program.