Wardrobe Considerations

As most of our live programs are streamed on webcast and replayed in the future, here are some wardrobe suggestions:

  • Solid colors and chroma rich colors work best. 
  • Avoid large, busy patterns. 
  • Avoid wearing white or light yellow (it makes the video “bloom”).
  • Wearing a white/light shirt under a dark or solid color jacket is fine.
  • Avoid tweed or herringbone (it makes the camera “moray” – constantly shimmer).
  • Have a belt or pocket for the microphone belt pack to attach.
  • Sometimes jewelry or scarves will have to be adjusted or removed if they cause microphone interference. 
  • Clothing must be sturdy enough for the microphone to clip on to. Very light weight or silky fabrics will cause the microphone to slip or pull down your clothing. 
  • Cameras on stage will be pointing at a downward angle towards the speakers. The audience will be at a lower angle when the speakers are seated on stage. Please keep this in mind as you choose blouses and skirts.

Note:  Feel free to move around. You don’t have to be stuck behind a podium. Our camera can follow you approximately halfway up the auditorium aisles. Please don’t turn your back to the audience, particularly to read your PowerPoint slides.