Presentation Tips

PowerPoint Example

Most of us have given presentations in different settings. With all presentations, you want to make them unique to you but also accessible to your audience. The link above will provide you with visuals and guides in Microsoft PowerPoint. Below are some tips from the Arizona Bar Association:

It’s all about the audience! Interact, make connections, and develop your voice and personality.

20 Tips:
1. Create a draft first before entering the text in PowerPoint. Use story boards to create a narrative and include possible visual elements. Stories create connections between people.
2. Start strong with an attention grabber.
3. Include only one big idea per slide.
4. Design for the back of the room.
5. Choose fonts well and avoid weird fonts. Helvetica is good.
6. Increase your font size to at least 30pt.
7. Contrast helps, but don’t place red type on a blue background.
8. Create repetitive design elements.
9. Choose a color scheme, but limit recurring colors to three or four.
10. Bullet lists should be rare.
11. Don’t overdo animation.
12. More photos, more flavor. People remember more with pictures.
13. Video can be risky. Download the clip and link to it.
14. Templates and standard format rarely wow the audience.
15. All details matter—proof for typos.
16. Rehearse.
17. Once you start, don’t toggle to another program.
18. Don’t stand in front of the screen.
19. Achieve a rhythm and flow to your presentation: up and down; fast and slow.
20. Be ready for blunders and ad lib.