MCLE Forms and Payments
Please note, these forms were revised in order to streamline the reporting process and improve turnaround times. 

For Attorneys:

Attorneys Reporting Live Credits (MCLE Form 03):  For attorneys submitting credits earned in compliance with Rule 18-204(B) NMRA for attendance at a live program, live teleconference or live webcast not previously approved for MCLE credit in NM

Attorneys Reporting Self-Study Credits (MCLE Form 04):  For attorneys submitting self-study credits earned in compliance with Rule 18-204(C) NMRA.


Providers Seeking Course Approval (MCLE Form 02):  For non-accredited CLE course providers seeking approval for a specific program.

Sample Attendance List:  For course providers to reporting attorney credits.

Providers Submitting a Payment:  For course providers submitting credit card payment for either a CLE course approval or attorney credits.

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