Student's Preamble

As a student of the University of New Mexico School of Law, I commit myself to the highest standards of personal and professional conduct, and to foster principles of civility, competence, diversity, and virtue that are expected of me and all members of the legal profession.

A. In all matters: My Word is My Bond

B. With respect to my peers, faculty, and staff:

1. I acknowledge that my interactions with peers, faculty, and staff have a profound impact on my success in school, as well as success in my profession.

2. I will always comply with the Honor Code and other administrative rules of the Law School.

3. I will honor civility and courtesy and will not engage in offensive conduct in academic, professional, or social settings.

4. I will respect the ideas and views of my classmates and my professors, and the diversity of our community, even if contrary to my own.

5. I will support a collegial atmosphere within the Law School, embracing a culture of honesty, respect, and consideration.

6. I will honor the strict requirements regarding punctuality, attendance, and preparation for each class.

7. I will honor the sanctity of library materials and resources.

8. I will not act in an unprofessional manner nor tolerate unprofessional conduct by others.

With respect to my profession:

1. In my academic, professional and personal life, I will act in a manner that will enhance the public’s esteem for the Law School, the Judicial System, the Rule of Law, and the Legal Profession.

2. I will respect the Law School, the Judicial System, the Rule of Law, and the Legal Profession and will at all times in my academic and professional life, uphold the dignity and esteem of each.
3. I will behave appropriately and conscientiously with the knowledge that my actions reflect directly upon other members of the Legal Profession.

4. I will never act above or beyond the law and will abide by the laws of the State of New Mexico and the United States of America.

5. I will act with a fundamental sense of honor, integrity, and fairness and will consider the consequences of my actions.

6. I will not misstate or improperly distort any fact or opinion.

7. I will strive to master the knowledge and skills necessary to become an effective member of the Legal Community.

8. I will seek out opportunities to improve my skills by supporting activities within the Law School and the Legal Community.

9. I recognize that I work in a system fraught with imperfection and injustice, and will strive to leave it a better place than when I entered it.

With respect to the community and to our system of justice:

1. I acknowledge that my responsibilities as a law student include a devotion to the public good.

2. I will practice sound ethical values and encourage the equitable treatment of others within the Law School and the community at large.

3. I will advance my profession’s devotion to public service and to the public good by serving the needs of my community.