What to expect

If you have not volunteered for Constitution Day previously/before, or are looking for a refresher on what to expect when it comes to your role, your audience, and interacting with the teacher, click here to view suggestions for volunteers.
Sample curriculum

The sample curriculum materials below have been put together by YLD members or shared by other Constitution Day volunteers. Feel free to use any of the materials provided as you wish.

 Bill of Rights Placard

 Bill of Rights Signs

 Fascinating Facts about
the U.S. Constitution

 King George III
Constitution Day Skit

Mr. Madison Needs Some Help

Native American Influence on the U.S. Constitution

The Three Branches
of Government

 Texas Law Focused Education, Inc.

 To Sign or Not to Sign

U.S. Constitution Day Crossword

U.S. Constitution Placard

U.S. Constitution PowerPoint
Email memberservices@nmbar.org
to obtain usable PowerPoint

U.S. Constitution Timeline

Visitor from Outer Space


If you would like to share materials you have created for your Constitution Day presentation, email Member Services at memberservices@nmbar.org.