Learn how these commissions promote public confidence in the administration of justice and the integrity of the legal profession.
The New Mexico Commission on Access to Justice is a statewide body dedicated to expanding and improving civil legal assistance to New Mexicans living in poverty. The Commission goals include expanding resources, increasing public awareness through communication and message development, encouraging more pro bono work by attorneys, and improving training and technology.

The purpose of the Client Protection Fund Commission is to by reimbursing losses caused by the dishonest conduct of lawyers admitted and licensed to practice law in the courts of New Mexico.

The Commission on Professionalism supports and encourages lawyers to exercise the highest levels of professionalism. Professionalism is conduct consistent with the tenets of the legal profession as demonstrated by a lawyer's civility, honesty, integrity, character, fairness, competence, ethical conduct, public service, and respect for the rule of law, the courts, clients, persons who work within the legal profession, witnesses, and unrepresented parties.

The New Mexico Supreme Court’s Lawyers Succession and Transition Committee educates and supports attorneys in developing succession/transition plans and addressing issues related to short and long-term disability and incapacity.