The Commission on Professionalism supports and encourages lawyers to exercise the highest levels of professionalism.

Professionalism is conduct consistent with the tenets of the legal profession as demonstrated by a lawyer's civility, honesty, integrity, character, fairness, competence, ethical conduct, public service, and respect for the rule of law, the courts, clients, persons who work within the legal profession, witnesses, and unrepresented parties.

Goals of the Commission

  1. Support and promote the practice of professionalism by all members of the New Mexico Bench and Bar.
  2. Establish a statewide professionalism clearinghouse to include information, resources, programs and materials on professionalism.
  3. Serve as the oversight and advisory commission for professionalism training and education as set forth by the New Mexico Supreme Court.
  4. Encourage discussion and communication and support collaboration about professionalism among the bench, bar and public.
  5. Implement standards to promote and measure professional conduct.