Member Status

Active Members

An attorney who is on the roll of attorneys admitted to the practice of law by the Supreme Court of New Mexico having completed the admission requirements for admission by exam or by motion shall maintain active status membership, unless granted inactive status, withdraws membership or is removed or suspended by a disciplinary or administrative process.  An active status member in good standing shall have full voting privileges, and shall be eligible to hold any elective or appointive office.

Affiliate Members

The State Bar recognizes as affiliates, without the rights and privileges of membership, members of the legal profession not licensed to practice law in New Mexico, but who are licensed to practice law in another state and are in good standing in active or inactive status in all jurisdictions in which they are licensed. 

An affiliate membership is not a license to practice law in New Mexico.  Affiliate members may be furnished copies of State Bar publications and may be entitled to attend and participate, without the right to vote or hold office, in those meetings and activities conducted by the State Bar and of its component parts or sections.

Affiliate Membership - $255. Dues are prorated after January 30.
Email to receive an application.

Inactive Members

To become inactive, members must complete an application form. You can also request a form by calling 505-797-6083 or emailing An annual fee of $100 must be received by the State Bar on or before February 1. All applicants are approved upon receipt of the inactive status application. Members must maintain a current address with the State Bar and the clerk of the New Mexico Supreme Court at all times.

Per Rule 15-302(B), NMRA a bar member who seeks reinstatement to active status from inactive status, suspension for nonpayment of dues, or voluntary withdrawal, must file an application for reinstatement with the Board of Bar Examiners and pay a $350 fee. The application is the bar exam application and must be completed in its entirety. The fee covers the cost of the investigative report and the reinstatement and is not applied towards the State Bar licensing fees payable at the time of reinstatement. To contact the Board of Bar Examiners, call 505-271-9706 or email

Members are also required to remedy any MCLE deficit before reinstatement to active status. Full compliance is required in the year of reactivation. Questions concerning MCLE credits should be directed to the MCLE Office, 505-821-1980 or via email at

If you have any questions, contact the dues line at 505-797-6083 or email

Law Student Members

Membership for law students at an ABA accredited law school is now complimentary! Membership includes:

Committee Involvement - Committee membership is open to all law student members of the State Bar although a few committees are limited in size or require particular qualifications. Members of standing committees are appointed by the State Bar president; new members are sought each year.

Section Involvement - Select a maximum of two practice sections each year to gain a valuable understanding of the law in which you are interested or to assist in deciding areas of focus. Each section is committed to providing its members with relevant and practical information to the daily practice of law.

Though membership is complimentary, law students must still sign up. Use one of the forms below or contact Member Services at
Online Law Student Application
 • Print Law Student Application (.pdf)

Pro Hac Vice

Attorneys authorized to practice law before the highest court of record in any state, territory or country wishing to appear before a New Mexico court in a civil matter may click here for information.