Bridge the Gap Mentorship Program
PO Box 92860
Albuquerque, NM 87199-2860
(505) 797-6049


New Lawyers

The Bridge the Gap Mentorship Program got its start with the Bill Kitts Society, a volunteer mentoring program honoring the commitment and compassion of attorney Bill Kitts. It was later championed by the 2010 State Bar President Stephen Shanor. Approved by the New Mexico Supreme Court, through NMRA 24-110. Bridge the Gap pairs new lawyers recently admitted to practice, with experienced lawyers who serve as mentors for a twelve-month period. Mentors and new lawyers meet a minimum of 12 times, seven of which must be in person, to discuss the practical issues in the practice of law and to complete activities contained in the mentoring curriculum.

When the program is completed, both mentors and new lawyers receive a full year of CLE credits. By facilitating relationships between new and more experienced lawyers, Bridge the Gap hopes to enhance professionalism, ethics, civility, relationships and practical skills in the legal profession.

NEW ATTORNEYS: All attorneys sworn in to practice law in New Mexico after April 2011, must submit a “New Lawyer Application/Deferment/Exemption form. If you have questions or need guidance, please contact Program Coordinator Elizabeth Aikin